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Receive e-invoices from 100 000 Finnish companies

Starting from February 2020, Telema is able to intermediate e-invoices from Finnish companies. There are over 30 e-invoicing and EDI operators in Finland, and making roaming agreements with all of them would be time-consuming. Therefore, Telema decided to partner up with Tieto. As one of the biggest operators in Finland, Tieto can gather the invoices from all Finnish companies that might be your partners, and forward them to Telema system.

The first customer to use this convenient service was Heimon Kala, a Finnish fish producer belonging to PRFoods group. Maarja Kens, CFO of Heimon Kala, comments: “We are using Telema eFlow for cost allocation and invoice approval in most PRFoods companies. While we can process both PDF and e-invoices in eFlow, we prefer e-invoices. They are faster, there are less errors and they enable us to use row-based automatic coding rules”.

Ms Kens explains that a major reason for requiring e-invoices was the need to have similar processes throughout the whole PRFoods group. “E-invoices in both Estonia and Finland are widespread, so getting them via Telema eFlow into our MS NAV software was a logical requirement for us”.

The system is set up so that Heimon Kala does not even need to know which e-invoicing operator its suppliers are using. They just let their suppliers know of their e-invoice address (composed of registry code + operator code) and tell that they are now expecting e-invoices. Needless to say, Heimon Kala does not need to know which e-invoice format its suppliers are using. Telema assures that the invoices reach Heimon Kala in the agreed format.

If you, too, wish to get your Finnish purchase invoices as proper e-invoices, please contact our sales team.

PS. It is also possible to get EDI invoices from your cross-border trade partners. Telema has roaming agreements with more than 25 EDI operators in 13 different countries.

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