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…that meaningful work motivates people and enables businesses to grow. Data re-typing is not meaningful and creates little value. Same applies to handling paper documents. We help to replace paper and PDF with e-documents.

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Solving a big problem

In 2000, our founders set out to build an Electronic Data Interchange platform to minimize manual data entry in the Baltic States’ retail supply chains. Orders, invoices, dispatch advice and dozens of other documents are now exchanged between ERPs without almost any human intervention. Over the past 20+ years Telema has built a network to connect 5000 shops with most of their suppliers.

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Telema EDI Buyer

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Are you ordering goods from producers, wholesalers or other suppliers?

Start exchanging e-documents and improve the efficiency of your processes.


Telema EDI Supplier

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Are you selling goods to retailers, cafes or other businesses?

Start exchanging e-documents and boost your sales.


Telema eFlow

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If you are looking for a solution to streamline your purchase invoice processing aka automate your accounts payable then stay on this website. We might have the best solutions for you 😉

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