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How to use Telema eFlow with CostPocket

Using CostPocket app it is possible to send documents to Telema eFlow separately or as a report (expense or travel report).

Each company has its own electronic inbox where all the invoices sent by email will be forwarded (ie. invoices, Bolt, Uber, Amazon, Fb Etc)

Download CostPocket app, create yourself a user and register the company.

CostPocket app configuration

  • Create yourself a user and register the company.

To create a connection between Telema eFlow and CostPocket, please write to

How does the connection work?

To submit documents press “Make a picture” and capture the receipt. After that app will as some questions (compensation, method of payment, type of costs, comment).

From thereon it is possible to pick either to send the document straight to Telema eFlow or add it to a report. If you press “CONTINUE WITHOUT ADDING TO REPORT” the document moves to Telema eFlow without being added to a report.

Most companies prefer forwarding reports to Telema eFlow. Receipts can be added to already existing reports or creating a new one. Choosing “CREATE A NEW REPORT” creates a new expense or travel report already in CostPocket app.

Expenses related to daily activities are added to expense report.

If you are travelling, documents are added to travel report (in some company this includes domestic travels).

Forwarding documents by email to Costpocket app

Some expense documents will be sent straight to your email (such as invoices, Bolt, Uber, Amazon, Fb etc) – if there is no need to add them to a report, they can be just forwarded to CostPocket digitizing inbox. You will find the inbox email address under company settings (for example

If you are using Bolt while travelling and wish to add this expense to travel report, open corresponding report. Unique email address will be created where the documents can be forwarded (ie. All documents related to the travel will be forwarded to the app under the correct report.

After that documents will arrive to Telema eFlow.

In eFlow you can find the documents under the desired expense report.

Additionally a picture will be added to Telema eFlow as a PDF.

If you want to know more how CostPocket app works with Telema eFlow, watch our webinar recording on expense documents (in Estonian) here.

Video tutorial on how to set up Telema eFlow and CostPocket connection can be found here (in Estonian).

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