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50 000 more e-invoicing customers for Telema

Starting from February 2020, Telema is providing e-invoice operator’s service to Merit. With 50 000 companies using Merit as their accounting software, Merit is one of the leading ERP providers in Estonia. All of Merit’s customers now have an opportunity to send and receive e-invoices via Telema.

Andres Kert, Merit’s CEO explains: “We were looking for the most reliable partner for providing the e-invoicing service to our customers. Telema’s long and flawless professional performance as well as their 99,9% availability of service was one of the decisive arguments for picking Telema”.

In e-invoicing, the keywords are conversion between different e-invoicing standards and data quality. Smooth service and operative support are essential parts of e-invoicing service, because root causes of errors are often difficult to understand for end users. Telema’s CEO Hele Hammer comments: “Telema has knowhow from integrations with more than 70 different accounting software. This gives us knowledge and expertise to provide quality service. Handling large volumes of e-documents is Telema’s daily business. Our main focus is EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) in the supply chain, where we transfer more than 25 million documents annually, so we have plenty of experience. We are happy to be servicing Merit’s impressive clientele.”

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